Our Promise

Why should you choose Move It With M & S, LLC for your next move?

Deciding what moving company you want and trust to move your valuable possessions can be difficult. That’s why Move It With M & S, LLC gives you the promise that your possessions are handled carefully, professionally and respectfully.  Here are some of the reasons Move It With M & S, LLC makes your moving experience convenient and gives you peace of mind that your possessions are in good hands:

  • Move It With M & S, LLC is licensed by the DOT (both federal and Missouri). You can view our accreditation and license number here.
  • For Move It With M & S, LLC’s fees are based on the client’s specific move requirements.
  • Some services have a minimum charge, with 15-minute billing increments after the minimum is met. However, some of our services do not have the minimum charge. Please contact us to find out more.
  • Move It With M & S, LLC does not charge for the travel time from our location to yours.
  • No additional charges apply when Move It With M & S, LLC work evenings or weekends.
  • Move It With M & S, LLC accepts cash, check and most credit cards. In some instances, a deposit is required, dependent on your specific move needs.
  • We employ experienced moving helpers who are well trained in the unique challenges of moving.
  • Our moving helpers and drivers receive training on a quarterly basis.
  • Our drivers all hold current CDL licenses.
  • Move It With M & S, LLC offers the mandated insurance coverage of 60¢ per pound of coverage. If you have questions – let us know.
  • Cancellations and postponements are accepted. We understand that dates and times can change during the moving process. We ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Move It With M & S, LLC will provide free moving quotes and follow-up via email or phone.
  • Should any challenges arise, our number of 816-689-2627 is always answered on move day.