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Moving is stressful. COVID-19 is scary. Moving during COVID-19 can be downright terrifying. Move It With M&S is committed to providing the best customer experience during the pandemic. We will ensure the crew will wear masks (if customer requested) and gloves, all while practicing social distancing as much as the move allows. Our trucks will

To wrap up this series on hiring reputable movers, we want to cover the most vital information we could possibly provide. When you hire a moving company, the first step you should take is checking credentials. Check their licensing, insurance, reviews, complaints, etc. This information means everything. If your moving company isn’t properly licensed or

This month has been all about hiring reputable movers. And as the busy season is upon us, we want to continue to educate others about hiring professional, trustworthy companies. Last week, we discussed moving estimates, cost considerations, and tips on how to save money during the moving process. This week we’re taking a look at

In our last blog post, Moving Scams and How to Avoid Them, we discussed how you should conduct research on every moving company you’re considering. We also mentioned how important it is to obtain estimates from at least three different moving companies. But what exactly is an estimate, how is an estimate arrived at, and

The day after Memorial Day is “National Moving Day.” As a moving company, we can see why – summer is the season for moving! May is the perfect time of year to start a new life. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the kids have escaped from school. And moving is even better

So you just finished your decluttering process. You sorted through your entire house, going room by room, creating four piles. One to keep, one to discard, one to donate, and one to sell. You’ve already put away the keep pile, thrown away the discard pile, and after reading our last blog post about local places

After you follow through on our last blog post, Decluttering Before Your Move, you have a few items left over. With one pile in the back of the trash company’s truck, and one pile packed or put away, there are two piles left to sort through. You might not be ready to have a full-blown

You’re getting ready for your move, but as you look around your home, you realize you have a ton of stuff. What are you supposed to do with all this stuff? Do you really want to have it to pack it all up and move it to your new home, just so you can throw

Guest post by Lisa Roberts If you’re in the middle of a relocation, you’ll quickly come to terms with one fact – this is a messy process. Indeed, if you’re the kind of person who cares about keeping everything tidy and clean, that won’t be very easy while your move to a new home is

Move It With M&S, LLC is the Missouri Theater’s moving company of choice for several years running.  From spinnets to uprights, from concert grand pianos to organs, we are the piano moving experts in NW Missouri.  Many people believe all it takes to move a piano is a couple of blankets, some duct tape, and