Why good, legitimate movers cost more

Two mover helpers moving a large china cabinet into the back of a moving truck - checking credentials for insurance is vital!

Why good, legitimate movers cost more

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you get what you pay for”? That’s never more true than it is when hiring a legitimate moving company for your household move.

All of us want to get the best deal possible for anything we purchase. That especially holds for more expensive things like moving your home. but there are times when it is vital that you pay a little more, so you get better service, with more safeguards for you and your possessions.

Which would you rather have?

A fly-by-night company that throws your stuff into a truck that looks like it hasn’t seen a repair shop since the 1980s, uses movers who smell like cigarette smoke (or worse!) and have mud on their shoes, and who take off with your stuff, that you may never see again?

Or a legitimate, reputable company that takes care with your belongings, packs them into a clean, good-looking truck, with packing supplies recommended by your moving consultant, and for whom you have legal recourse if things are damaged or lost in transit.?

Two of our legitimate mover helpers moving a large china cabinet into the back of a moving truck - checking credentials for insurance is vital!
Check for insurance!

Rogue moving companies operate illegally. They are not registered with the state or federal government. They do not have insurance for your belongings. And they are far more likely to operate some sort of scam, where they might steal your belongings and hold them hostage until you pay an exorbitant amount for their release.

Even if they aren’t running a scam, if anything happens to your possessions, like something getting lost or broken, they don’t have any insurance to pay for it. And you can’t pursue legal action with the state or federal government, because they aren’t registered.

When you pay more for a legitimate moving company, it eliminates these problems. A registered moving company is going to cost more, but you get so much more protection for yourself and your belongings. If something is broken or lost, they have insurance to pay for it. If something goes haywire, there are legal ramifications for the company, so they’re motivated to make sure everything runs as smoothly as you would want it to. 

What you’re really paying for is less stress

Moving is stressful enough on its own, without adding the DIY impact. Here are just a few of the services Move It With M&S offers.

  • Packing services  including bringing our own packing supplies
  • Unpacking Services
  • Trained professional movers
  • Free, no obligation moving quotes
  • Reasonably priced moving boxes and packing supplies
  • Courteous and friendly staff who are insured and bonded
  • Scheduling for your convenience, 7 days a week
  • Piano and Organ Moving
  • And so much more

Move It With M&S, LLC is proud to be the only moving company that is a member of the St Joseph Missouri Chamber of Commerce. We also belong to the Better Business Bureau of Kansas City.

The Department of Transportation requires all professional movers to be  fully licensed and insured, and we happily meet that requirement. We are also the only moving company in Northwest Missouri that has the distinction of being authorized to be Interstate Movers. 

Our DOT Information can be viewed here. Our DOT Number is 1898231. Our MC number is 695603.

We know that deciding what moving company you want to entrust your possessions to is difficult. That’s why we give you our promise that your possessions are handled carefully, professionally, and respectfully. 

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