Local Places to Donate Your Used Items

Local Places to Donate Your Used Items

After you follow through on our last blog post, Decluttering Before Your Move, you have a few items left over. With one pile in the back of the trash company’s truck, and one pile packed or put away, there are two piles left to sort through. You might not be ready to have a full-blown yard sale yet with your sell pile. But there is a pile that you can get rid of right now –  the donation pile. Let us tell you about three amazing local places to donate your used items to help those in need, right here in Saint Joseph, Missouri.

Pivotal Point Thrift Shoppe

Located at 4826 Frederick Avenue, Pivotal Point strives to help the homeless transition from a life on the streets into their own homes. This organization provides rent- and utility-free housing – as long as the participants meet certain criteria – to break the cycle of poverty. Their entire mission focuses on helping the homeless re-enter society and work towards their personal well-being.

A kitchen with many, many pots, pans, bowls, plates, and other kitchen items
Your kitchen is a great place to find items to donate!

Pivotal Point has a pantry where they accept  a variety of food items. So when you’re getting ready to move, and don’t want to take your canned foods, extra paper towels, or toilet paper, this is a great place to donate those items. They also have a thrift shop where you can donate your gently used bigger items. They accept things like clothing, books, household decorations, and furniture.

For a full list of donatable items, or more information, visit Pivotal Point Thrift Shoppe’s website.

DAV Red Racks Thrift Store

The second of our local places to donate used items, Red Racks is located at 3025 South Belt Highway. It’s right across from South Belt Walmart. The Disabled American Veterans owns and operates Red Racks. Proceeds go to help disabled veterans with transportation needs, benefits help, and transitioning back to civilian life.

It couldn’t be easier to donate your used items to the DAV thrift store. If you have clothes that you no longer want or need, there are many Red Racks donation bins scattered throughout Saint Joseph. When you’re ready to donate your furniture or other household items, you can either bring your items to the store, call them at 816-279-4900, or schedule an appointment for them to come pick up your donations.

A well-appointed room with built-in bookshelves full of tchotchkes and books, and a lovely sitting area around a glass coffee table atop a gorgeous oriental rug
Red Racks accept many household items!

For a detailed list on what donations the DAV accepts, please visit the donation page on their website.

Saint Joseph Habitat for Humanity ReStore

The third of our local places to donate your used items is the local branch of Habitat for Humanity. Saint Joseph got involved with Habitat for Humanity in 1996. Recently, Habitat opened a ReStore outlet at 3131 Frederick Avenue. Donations are accepted at the lower-level entrance around back. 

The ReStore takes donations and sells them at low prices, with the proceeds going to Habitat’s community improvement work. The ReStore runs solely through volunteers, which means more money to fuel Habitat’s mission. 

A lovely bedroom with artwork above the headboard, a chair by the window, and a tv mounted on the wall
Downsizing? Donate your guest bedroom to the ReStore!

Store hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. But if you don’t want to take your items to the store yourself, they do pickups every Wednesday. To schedule a pickup, you can visit their website and fill out the form, or call them at 816-279-5607.

Summing it all up

There are so many local places to donate to in Saint Joseph, we couldn’t possibly list them all. (But somebody else did!) We hope we’ve started the wheels turning in your head about donations you could make.

Move It With M&S, LLC believes strongly that decluttering is a vital process to an easy move. And we believe even more strongly in giving back to the local community. Donating excess food and household items is the perfect way to do both.

Keep an eye out for our next blog post about yard sales!

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